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Everything has begun very spontaneously, when the founder and the photographer of the project Lilya Corneli has moved from Hamburg to Vienna in 2015 - the city which lives and breathes art. The process of adaptation to life in the new city was painless, Lilya was immediately immersed in her work, trying photograph herself and her models in images from her favourite artists' artworks.

The city with the streets, the museums, boutiques has so inspired her that she has decided to invite other girls  to Vienna  and offer them to move in time and space, to become an artistic image, a fine muse.

Lilya thought it would be interesting to any girl to try on the images of last eras. Sometimes there is a wish for something unusual, creative, a flight of fancy, a view of itself from absolutely unexpected side. She just wanted to give the chance of everyone to feel a muse, it is so inspiring!

Tobeamuse team doesn't try to recreate all details of pictures in accuracy, they give their view of them. They play with time, mix accessories - the purpose of the project is not to copy the world art masterpieces, but get a whim of imagination mixed with their vision.

The most important in the To be A Muse project is that beautiful strangers from pictures of artists, muses admired by generations are actually real, living women. And they are in each of us and our models – those fragments of wonderful fine muses. This is also a reason why the team have replaced historical costumes and accessories with objects of modern clothes in many of the images.

Roght now Lilya lives and works in The Hague, Netherlands.

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